FOX Breaking In to the Half-Hour Comedy

FOX is rolling out another half-hour comedy, Breaking In.  After one episode, I think it's worth another look.

Breaking In has an interesting premise.  Think ALIAS/Covert Affiars meets The Office.  Christian Bale, playing his usual mysterious figure (except for the angst), runs a security company that breaks into customers' homes/facilities to test their security systems.  His underlings include Melanie (played by Odette Annable, formerly Odette Yustman, just off her recent marriage to Dave Annable), the lock-picking genius; some dude that pulls office pranks a-la-Jim from The Office; a Dwight-like intelligence specialist; and finally Cameron, played by Bret Harrison, who is basically the equivalent to Bret's former character, Sam, from Reaper. 

Cameron is a hacker genius that duped his university computer system into noting he had a full scholarship.  Living up the college life for seven years, Cameron is psyched to squander his 20s in complete comfort due to his hacker efforts.  But that hedonistic life doesn't last for long.  After being hired to test the university's computer system, Oz (Christian Bale) discovers Cameron's potential, as well as his charade.  Using Cameron's hacker past to blackmail him to work for Oz, Cameron is enveloped by the wacky world of comedic espionage.  Chaos ensues.

As comedies, this is par for the course: nothing to rave about, but better than others.  But if you're in the mood for a little chuckle, check out Breaking In on FOX Wednesday nights after American Idol.

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