What Are You Watching This Summer?

Sorry for the long break, folks.  Finding time to write isn't so easy anymore--I haven't even caught up on all my season finales!

Anyway, for those of you who have caught up on your season finales, I bet you're wondering what to watch this summer.  Well, unlike summers pasts, the networks have found that original summer programming is a moneymaker, as long as production costs are cheap.  So below is a list of a few summer shows that I'll be watching.  Maybe something will catch your fancy.

*This list is the first in a series to come.

1. Covert Affairs- (now airing on USA) This spy show is basically ALIAS-light.  Piper Perabo stars as a newbie CIA agent who goes on various missions with the help of Auggie the blind, tech-geek who plays against type as a ladies' man.  Perabo's Annie Walker tries to balance her spy life with her love life and her family life.  Unlike ALIAS, Covert Affairs isn't mired in mythology; the only overarching plotline is Annie's history with her mysterious ex-boyfriend, who is also a rogue CIA agent.

2. Rookie Blue- (premieres June 16 on ABC)- One of my favorite shows last summer, this cop drama is
described as Grey's Anatomy with cops.  Need I say more?  Everwood fans will recognize Gregory Smith as a rookie cop in this Canadian produced show.

3. The Glades- (now airing on A&E) Another one of my favorite summer shows, this cop procedural
follows homicide detective Jim Longworth of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  A wise-ass, Longworth is aided by a curmudgeonly medical examiner, a nurse and an overeager intern.  Oh, and there's a romantic complication or two.  It's one of those fun, breezy summer shows that just brings a smile to your face.

4. In Plain Sight- (now airing on USA) In accordance with the wise-ass detective theme, In Plain Sight follows U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon as she protects individuals in the Witness Protection Program.  Add to that her dysfunctional sister and mother, her broken relationships with men, and her trivia-obsessed partner, who, coincidentally, we believe she's destined to be with, and you've got a winning combination.

5. The Voice- (now airing on NBC) A talent show, The Voice is much better than American Idol.  Not only do the contestants have more talent in their pinky fingers (well, at least compared to the contestants from the last two seasons of American Idol), but the judges are actually witty and entertaining!  Judges Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, C-Lo and Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) don't utter gibberish like that of Steven Tyler or Paula Abdul.  Rather, they curse, joke, and deliver raunchy comments that keep me coming back for more.  Great talent and witty judges is a formula for success in this particular genre, and it's definitely a winner with me.

Other shows to watch this summer . . . (I'll be providing short summaries in entries to come.  Stay tuned!).

6. Franklin & Bash (now airing on TNT)
7. Pretty Little Liars
8. Rizzoli & Isles (premieres July 11 on TNT)
9. Eureka
10. Love Bites (now airing on NBC)
11. Switched at Birth (now airing on ABC Family)
12. Drop Dead Diva
13. Haven
14. Royal Pains
15. True Blood
16. Dexter
17. White Collar (now airing on USA)
18. Burn Notice
19. The Closer (premieres July 11 on TNT)

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