Best Character on TV

My vote is for Christina Yang.  Following close behind is Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory).  Yes, my #1 and #2 favorite TV characters are complete opposites.  But each character encompasses something especially different that sets them apart from all the rest.  First, Christina Yang (Grey's Anatomy), at least for me, is relatable.  Ambitious and determined, she exhibits strength and intelligence while simultaneously showing vulnerability, a rarity for female characters on television.  Oftentimes female characters are either the bitch (Wilhemina Slater, Ugly Betty), the mama (Nora Walker, Brothers & Sisters), or the airhead (that assistant Cerie on 30Rock).  Granted, characters like Alicia Florrick and Kalinda (both from The Good Wife), are popping up on primetime, but it could be argued that these shows are thriving due to the strong female lead characters.

Anyway, back to Christina Yang, whose most recent story arc has made her the "dark and twisty" half of the Yang/Grey duo.  <If you have not seen the season finale of Season 6 of Grey's, do not read on>

In the Season 6 finale, Yang exhibits strength, fortitude, and character when she operates on her best friend's husband with a gun pointed to her head.  Out of love, loyalty and friendship, Yang was prepared to forfeit her own life so that her best friend could be happy.  But enough about strength, let's move on to idiosyncrasies--weird quirks that all your best friends have. She "dances it out," goes all snarky when you insult her, and uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism.  In essence, Yang is three-dimensional, and the way Sandra Oh portrays her, Yang just pops out on your screen.  No need for those 3-D glasses.

To add to all the gushing above, last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy emphasized how Yang has grown during this especially dark and difficult storyline.  I won't say any more, but be sure and catch the Season 6 finale of Grey's and the first half of Season 7 to receive the full impact of this particular character arc.

As for Sheldon Cooper, he's just awesomely awkward.  If Yang is at one end of the spectrum, Sheldon Cooper is at the other.  Supremely socially awkward, obnoxious, and intelligent beyond belief, the masterful Jim Parsons combines all these characteristics into a wonderful, hilarious character, using his physicality and syncopated delivery to imbue Sheldon with that extra touch of annoying-ness.  Plus, it helps that he has a "spot" on the couch that is perfectly situated to receive the perfect amount of airflow throughout the apartment while simultaneously claiming a prime vantage point to see the TV.

What's your vote for the best character on TV?  Post your comments below.


  1. Female characters showing vulnerability is a rarity-- really? I feel inclined to disagree... I'd be interested to hear you elaborate.

  2. P.S. possibly my fave character: Veronica Mars?

  3. Dear Gina, let me clarify. It is rare that female characters currently portrayed on TV exhibit strength, intelligence, and vulnerability simultaneously. Generally, female characters are one dimensional, embodying one, maybe two, of these characteristics.

    As for Veronica Mars, I completely agree that she exhibits the above characteristics and that she is as three-dimensional as Christina Yang. However, I considered characters that are currently on television. Because Veronica Mars no longer airs new episodes, I did not consider VM.