Will You Watch- Harry's Law

Another legal television show from David E. Kelly, this one's along the lines of Ally McBeal.  Why?  Because within the first five minutes of the pilot, the main character smokes pot, gets fired, has a man fall on her from the sky, and gets run over by a car.  Oh, and she also sells high-end shoes out of her storefront law firm.  But will all this goofiness lead you to watch?
Kathy Bates is the hard-ass protagonist with an attitude, aided by another patent lawyer-turned-Atticus Finch, and her shoe-crazy assistant (Brittany Snow of American Dreams).  Bottom line, this show is not realistic, but it's entertaining.  The emotional turns are far outweighed by outrageous courtroom tactics and many events that would be considered jumping the shark if the show were not a comedy.  In my opinion, the show goes for the cheap laugh and the easy heartstring.  But who are we kidding?  Even without the two episode rule, I'll probably tune in.

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