Black Swan

I went to see Black Swan the other day fully prepared to be in awe of the performances of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.  And I must say, they did not disappoint.  Although, Portman's Nina Sayers did grate on my nerves with her pretty pretty princess persona and soft, doll-like voice.  However, I do recommend that you go see this movie.

Black Swan makes its audience experience the same evolution of madness Portman's character experiences as she strives for utter perfection.  While actually watching the movie, I found myself constantly asking, "Did that just happen?"  I couldn't distinguish between movie reality and movie fiction.  I left the theater feeling like my brain was placed in a blender and put back together again, only everything wasn't in its proper place.  Basically, I felt like I had just been mind f@!#ed.  Go see this movie and tell me you didn't feel the same.

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