EW's List of Movies You Need To See Before the Oscars

Want to be in-the-know for the Oscars?  Watch these movies before the big night.  I'll give a short blurb summarizing my opinion of the movie, if I've seen it.  Not all are out on DVD, and ironically, some are no longer in theaters.  They recommend you watch in order:

                               1. The Social Network

2. The King's Speech
3. Inception

4. The Fighter
5. Toy Story 3- worth your time, but not the best of the trilogy, in my humble opinion.

6. True Grit
7. Black Swan- a must see
8. The Kids Are All Right- Annette Bening gives a masterful performance in this modern family dramedy

9. 127 Hours
10. Winter's Bone- a stark portrayal of life in backwoods Arkansas with an Oscar-worthy turn by Jennifer Lawrence

11. The Town- I haven't seen this movie, but critics say it's the movie that likely revitalized Ben Affleck's career

14. Get Low

15. How to Train Your Dragon- good for both children and adults, this movie teaches the simple lesson that one should no judge a book by it's cover.

16. Blue Valentine
17. Biutiful

18. Animal Kingdom

19. Waiting for "Superman"

20. Alice in Wonderland

21. The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo

22. Inside Job
23. The Illusionist
24. Tangled- This latest Disney installment is a fun adventure for audiences, but the soundtrack of this particular Disney movie is subpar.

25. Burlesque

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