It's probably not a good idea to admit in my blogging debut that I'm a little late to the Eureka party, but this blog is about discovery, even if it's only my own.  For those who don't know (assuming I'm not the only person who reads this thing), Eureka is a show that airs on SyFy during the summer.  Each episode centers around a plot-of-the-week disaster that's inadvertently generated by some of the United States' most genius scientists and the every-man sheriff who must avert said disasters.

Still not ready to get on the Eureka party train?  I have to admit that after four seasons, the weekly disaster plot is not the strongest aspect of the show.  Rather, the characters drive the success of this show.  Our protagonist, Sheriff Jack Carter, is a little bit wacky, but definitely one of the most relatable characters of the show.  He's not as eccentric as the nerdy, accident-prone Fargo who loves his AI and even captured himself in an ever-expanding personal force field, or Vince, the cafe proprietor that can make the residents of Eureka any type of food at any given time.  But Sheriff Carter is the character that grounds the show in the believable . . . even if the rest of the show's plots are not.  Then there's Jo, Sheriff Carter's deputy, former Navy Seal (or equivalent), quintessential tough girl with a hard-candy shell and a soft, nougaty center (also the victim of body snatching).  Or bad girl turned smart girl Zoe, Sheriff Carter's daughter.  And of course, who could forget S.A.R.A.H., the smart-house AI program that governs the bomb shelter home of the Carter clan.

Of course, there's romance, weird-science, and time travel.  So even if you're not fully persuaded, give this little show a try.  What else do you have to watch during summer reruns?  Catch up with Eureka from the beginning via Netflix' streaming Watch Instantly, or catch the second half of Season 4 on Hulu.com.


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