A Vampire, A Werewolf, A Ghost...Oh My!

SyFy's Being Human is the Americanized version of the UK show of the same name.  The American version of Being Human is not like those other failed UK-copycat shows like Coupling or Life on Mars.  Instead, it's like The Office in its heyday.

Being Human follows three "monsters," a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost, all making valiant attempts at being human.  Josh is a werewolf with personal problems.  Aidan is the reformed vampire that recently fell off the wagon.  And Sally is the ghost that haunts the house where the boys live.  As roommates, these monsters provide a sort of support network for one another.  As one can expect, the problems these characters face occur when their monstrous tendencies clash with their human personas.  In fact, one such problem was the focus of the pilot's cliffhanger ending, which admittedly, made me tune into episode 2.

But Being Human is not just another werewolf/vampire show jumping on the Twilight bandwagon.  This show is part supernatural, part touchy-feely, and part comedy, which reminds me of another supernatural show called . . . Supernatural.  So if you're a fan Dean and Sam, you should definitely tune in to Being Human.  I plan on checking out the UK version myself.

There's just one question about this show that has been nagging me: Why are Josh and Aidan friends and roommates if werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies?  This question alone will keep me watching.

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