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This site is not about spoilers, but there are a bunch out there that are.  I'll do my best to retweet any good spoilers on my Twitter account @ViewsOnTheAir.  But if you're not into tweeting, or you don't appreciate the selection of shows that I cover, take a look at these websites:

Watch With Kristin: Kristin hosts her own segment on E!, but she also has a spoilerchat every Monday where viewers can submit questions about their favorite shows.  She also provides videos of interviews from your favorite TV actors.  http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/index.html

TVLine.com: For those of you who are fans of Michael Ausiello (formerly of TVGuide and E!), he has launched a new website chock full of spoilers, casting scoop, and more.  He continues his Ask Ausiello column where he, like his frenemy Kristin, hosts a spoiler chat.  http://www.tvline.com/

Zap2it.com: Zap2it is more of a pop-culture entertainment website, but of course, there is information about your favorite television shows, movies, and celebrities.  http://www.zap2it.com/
You can also scroll to the very bottom of the webpage and click through to a myriad of pop-culture entertainment websites.

TV.com: Tonight's TV listings, episode guides, current events, the latest episode of numerous shows available for free streaming.  http://www.tv.com/

TVSquad.com: More of a TV news site, this website lets you know about TV current events, TV listings, and even posts free TV shows streaming from its websites.  http://www.tvsquad.com/

Apple.com: Apple posts movie trailers and clips for free.  http://trailers.apple.com/.  Other sites that provide movie trailers: Amazon.com and Imdb.com.

Hulu.com: Watch movies and television episodes for free.  Upgrade to Hulu Plus for a fee.

TVRockstars.com: Just learned about this site...gives advance synopses of TV episodes.  http://www.tvrockstars.com/

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