Finally, a Snake! What Took Them So Long? Off the Map

Off the Map came back for its second episode with some Grey's Anatomy-like stunts and some new tricks of its own.  Personally, I can't believe it took the writers two episodes to use a boa constrictor as the impetus for a jungle-medical emergency.  And it worked, as is typical of most GA-type stunts, i.e. using the medical case as a metaphor or vehicle for the treating doctors to work out their personal issues.

But Off the Map is not just Grey's in the jungle.  The jungle not only provides a myriad of characters that come across these doctors' paths (tourists, natives, and probably animals), but also the cultural differences and obstacles treating their patients may pose.  Set in South America, Off the Map has the opportunity to explore the cultural differences between gringo and native whereas the the doctors of Seattle Grace rarely get a chance to do so.

As I said before, this show is great for Grey's Anatomy fans; the sexual tension, the medicine, and the exploration of these doctors' personal lives is reminiscent of it's predecessor.  But if you're not a fan of Grey's, I don't expect you to tune in, and I don't think ABC does either.

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